As an aspiring leader, I learned to tame parts of myself. I wonder if you can relate?

Were you ever told, “You’re intense, selfish, bossy, loud, aggressive, not good enough, not ready, unprofessional, silly …”?

Were you ever blamed for upsetting others, shamed for your behavior, or silenced when expressing your views?

This is what I learned about taming myself so far. I began noticing when others were labeling me with names such as irresponsible, arrogant, selfish because I triggered them. My reaction was to apologise, to feel sad, to try to make them approve of my behaviour again, to…

How we planned, designed and organised a retreat in Thailand

“This week, we woke up early for yoga and that was a very nice slow awakening. It’s great being relaxed while being still hard-working and do things that are mentally and physically beneficial.” Bernie Quah reflects on her BizTreat experience.

Bernie, founder of Sketch Post came to us a few months ago sharing with us her goals for her company and for her team for the coming years. She wanted to increase employee engagement, grow her business and bring new solutions to the market.

Sketch Post is a unique small business operating in a creative consulting industry. They’re the best…

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

If you’re in the process of implementing remote work for yourself or for your team, you have come to the right place. In the last article, we focused on demystifying what makes work efficient and the conditions for quality relationships in the workplace. Here, we’ll provide tools and practical advice to leverage the new context that distributed teams offer. Instead of trying to replicate the traditional office, let’s look at how to use new conditions to improve the overall work experience for both businesses and individuals.

1. Working around the clock

One of the first questions that people think about…

It was just a while ago that we switched our weekly meeting to a group video call. On that call, we had two people meet with us from other countries. We also collaborated on three different documents shared over the internet. Since that call and the first couple of documents shared virtually, we have grown into a fully distributed team, having colleagues in Australia, Philippines, Singapore, London, Prague, New York, and Columbia. We use a number of software that helps us get things done and collaborate effectively.

What started with that confusing first call between a group of people who…


Company offsite. The idea of a week spent working from a beach house sounds more than appealing. But before you swap your boardroom for an ocean view in a hope that your team will produce magic over pitchers of sangria, you might want to consider the following. Company offsite is a very real investment opportunity. It’s capable of generating more value and impact than the whole year of working around the clock, when done right. The trick is to turn the distraction-free, focused time of your team into the best innovating, creating and learning exercise of your life — while…

They communicate through code. Company politics and gossip isn’t their activity of choice. They’re not known as the most social people. Yet, despite these prevailing assumptions about software developers, hackers or geeks, it is the culture of software development that contains precisely those values that every single business should learn from.

Perhaps you’ve already heard about Agile — an approach used predominantly in software development. Agile isn’t just a methodology allowing prototyping, developing and launching products to market faster than using any other approach. Far less talked about, however huge benefit of Agile is the way it shapes workplace culture.

“5 things to consider before going on a company offsite” is a continuation of Design thinking on the beach. We highly recommend you to check it out for more inspiration.

With the popularity of business retreats increasing, at BizTreat we feel that talking about what happens during and beyond the retreat is becoming is even more important. Facilitating a multidisciplinary, fully-present crowd working together towards the same goal at a private, hidden beach was a delightful and unforgettable event. It definitely wasn’t just about getting away from the office.

“I was supposed to get married today.” said Sash staring at the sunset over the mangroves. “We picked the venue, flowers, food … everything was arranged. It sounds utterly crazy and unthinkable now.” I met Sasha six months ago when she arrived to Siargao Island. She left her fiancé, her job and her life in London and decided to take some time off. Sasha hasn’t returned to her previous life since. When she first told me her story it sounded like she got burned out from meeting other people’s expectations. That probably happened to some extent. But when I asked…

When the first typhoons of the rainy season hit the Philippines, my mum asked me (fearing about my life) “Why can’t you just return to London and live normal life?” I told her that the things that used to fill my life before suddenly lost their appeal – I lost my purpose. I knew everyone around me thought I was thriving in London so I didn’t blame them for questioning my mental state but for me, London has became a hopeless place. I lived a cushy life with virtually unlimited resources and suddenly boom! I embraced a simple island life…

Island life experiment is over: time to make a decision

I’ve arrived at the end of an unfinished road. Two months ago, I left my life in London and I made my way to the opposite side of the globe — small tropical island in the Philippines called Siargao. Having fallen out of love with life in the big city, I wanted to know what living in a bikini would feel like. Was it for me? I’m now back in Europe, where I returned to attend my cousin’s wedding, to see my family and friends and to think. Think about everything. Do I want to live in the coconut jungle…

Veronika Janeckova

Founder of BizTreat.

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